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The Promise of Payments Innovation

The promise of payments innovation is to create more convenient, cheaper, secure, and inclusive payment methods that enhance the overall financial experience. ​

While significant progress has been made, Canada’s inability to enact an open banking framework has been accused of slowing that innovation and limiting the ability of new fintech offerings to take hold and expand. ​Prepaid has filled the gaps and provided the critical platform for innovation for many significant improvements in payments convenience, value and inclusivity for consumers, SMBs and governments.  But has it been enough to say that payments innovation has lived up to its promises?​​ And what is next for this critical sector?

The 2024 CPPO Symposium will examine the critical role prepaid has played in achieving the vision for payments innovation and view how it has lived up to its promises through the lens of the critical stakeholders: ​consumers, SMBs, merchants, neo banks, banks and fintechs.


2024 Speakers

World-class presenters sharing exclusive content

Featured speakers of the 2024 CPPO Prepaid Symposium

Kimathi Marangu_edited_edited.png


Kimathi Marangu

Global Head of Prepaid

  • LinkedIn
Jeremy Bornstein_edited.png

Peoples Group 

Jeremy Bornstein

Chief Revenue Officer

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Rob Carrick_edited_edited.png

The Globe and Mail

Personal Finance Columnist

  • LinkedIn
Jennifer Tramontana_edited.png


Jennifer Tramontana

Executive Director

  • LinkedIn


Peter Lu

VP Product

  • LinkedIn

EQ Bank

Kartik Kamat

VP, Payments & Digital

Banking Analytics

  • LinkedIn


Hanna Zaidi

VP, Payments Strategy & CCO

  • LinkedIn
Nikil Chande_edited.png


Vice President, Market Development

  • LinkedIn

Bank of Canada

Senior Director, Registration

and Enforcement, 

Retail Payment Supervision

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IMG_2024-01-04_15-07-13 (1)_edited_edite




Director, Fintech Relations &

Third-Party Disclosure

  • LinkedIn

Global Head of Payment Partnerships & Product Enablement

  • LinkedIn

Head of Payments and Platform

  • LinkedIn
Untitled presentation_edited.png


General Manager

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Director, Head of Financial Partnerships

  • LinkedIn
Untitled presentation (2)_edited.png

Datos Insights 

Strategic Advisor

  • LinkedIn
avatarSquareLarge_xx_Jeff S 1024_1700057


Sr. Machine Learning Scientist

  • LinkedIn


Vice President of Cybersecurity

Solutions & Digital Payments,

  • LinkedIn


VP, Business Development

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Mark McGinnis Headshot_edited.png


Manager, Security

  • LinkedIn

Visa Canada

Sarah Clark_edited.png


Head of Digital Partnerships & Fintech

  • LinkedIn

CEO - Gifting and Incentives

  • LinkedIn


Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 3.34_edited.png

Finance Canada

Tim Morris_edited.jpg

Neo Financial


  • LinkedIn

Vice President & Head, Deposits and Investments

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  • LinkedIn
Ed Woodson_edited.png




Ivy Luu

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 3.37_edited.png

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Chief Legal Officer

  • LinkedIn

Head of Payments

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  • LinkedIn

Peoples Group


Loop Financial


Mastercard Canada

CEO & Co-Founder

  • LinkedIn

VP of Business Development

  • LinkedIn

SVP of Product and Solutions

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JKlassen (1)_edited.png

H&R Block Canada

Director of Products and Services

  • LinkedIn
Innovation Lounge

Innovation Lounge

What’s happening today that will become mass adopted tomorrow? Who is pushing the boundaries of what's possible for payments?

Returning in 2024: the CPPO Symposium Innovation Lounge - powered by Giesecke+Devrient

Visit the Innovation Lounge to hear from tomorrow’s leaders in payments or find the partner to take your program to the next level.

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Symposium Agenda

8:00 AM | Registration Opens


8:00-8:45 AM | Networking Breakfast


8:45-8:50 AM | Welcome: $10B Reasons to Bank on Prepaid  

Are we fulfilling Canada's promises of payments innovation? The prepaid payments industry is driving digital payments innovation and meeting the needs of uniquely Canadian audiences under the existing payments regime. While significant progress has been made, has the overall vision for payments innovation been achieved?  


Speaker: Jennifer Tramontana, CPPO Executive Director 



8:50-9:15 AM | Mastercard Keynote + Fireside Chat with H&R Block

Darrell MacMullin, SVP of product and solutions at Mastercard Canada, will give a keynote, which will be followed by a fireside chat with James Klassen, H&R Block Canada’s Director of products and services.

9:15-10:00 AM | What’s New with the Neo Banks?  


Led by Rob Carrick, personal finance columnist for the Globe and Mail, this panel will explore the questions on everyone’s minds: What’s the future of these digital natives — and who are the real movers and shakers? We’ll unpack the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ behind which Canadian neo banks are really disrupting the financial services ecosystem.  



  • Peter Lu, VP, Product, KOHO 

  • Hanna Zaidi, VP, Payments Strategy & CCO, Wealthsimple 

  • Kartik Kamat, VP, Payments & Digital Banking Analytics, EQ Bank 

  • Tim Morris,  VP, Deposits and Investments, Neo Financial


10:00-10:45 AM | Visa Keynote + Fireside Chat with Mydoh: Prepaid Innovation Around the World: Trends, Opportunities and Threats

Starting with a presentation by Kimathi Marangu, Global Head of Prepaid at Visa, this session will be followed by a fireside chat between Kimathi and Arvind Agarwal, Head of Payments and Platform at Mydoh, a money management app for families, backed by RBC.



10:50-11:10 AM | Innovation Lounge, sponsored by Giesecke + Devrient & Break 

11:15-11:55 AM | Unpacking the Payments Risk, Compliance and Regulatory Environment  

How do you keep up at this unique time of intensive regulatory activity affecting the payments industry? In this panel, we break down the latest issues facing our industry and interviews the people responsible for shaping it — government officials from the Bank of Canada and the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). The panel will explore topics including consumer driven banking, retail payments oversight, and how regulatory agencies are responding to the next wave of innovation in the payments space.

Moderator: Tracy Molino, Counsel, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP


  • Annie Hardy, Director, Fintech Relations & Third-Party Disclosure, CDIC

  • Nikil Chande, Senior Director, Registration & Enforcement, Retail Payment Supervision, Bank of Canada

  • Kirsten Fraser, Director, Finance Canada


11:55 AM-12:35 PM | The Security Imperative. Will AI Enhance Security or Just Drive More Fraud? 


As the digitization of everyone's lives continues to evolve, so do the cybersecurity and fraud related risks. To reinforce the messaging of “not if, when” a cyberattack occurs, Mastercard explored the preparedness and attitudes of consumers and small businesses pre-and-post cyber-attack. Meanwhile, generative AI has garnered extensive attention in recent months for its startling ability to replicate human expression and produce human-sounding content. This panel explores this new technology’s implications for the future of commerce — including its potential to strengthen customer engagement, create more efficient business operations, support software development and much more.

Moderator: Maria Riesenberg, Vice President Market Development, Mastercard and CPPO Board Chair  


  • Mark McGinnis, Manager, Security, Giesecke+Devrient

  • Aviva Klein, Vice President of Cybersecurity Solutions & Digital Payments, Mastercard

  • Jeff Schwartzentruber, Sr. Machine Learning Scientist, eSentire


12:40-1:30 PM | Networking Lunch, sponsored by Digital Commerce Bank

1:35-2:00 PM |The Canadian Prepaid Market Snapshot: A Research Presentation from Datos Insights 


What’s ahead for the $10B open-loop prepaid industry? In 2021, research confirmed this market had grown 76 percent in only a matter of two years. More than two years later, with consumer satisfaction for prepaid keeping pace with its debit and credit counterparts, we’ve got an updated market snapshot to share. Get access to the latest research, and the first look at the exclusive report first released at the Symposium. 


Speaker: Gilles Ubaghs, Strategic Advisor, Datos Insights



2:00-2:40 PM | Innovation in the Absence of Open Banking


Prepaid has grown into a $10B market as the platform of choice driving innovation in Canadian payments. Canadian consumers and SMBs are being served by prepaid, in the absence of an open banking framework with bank-fintech partnerships creating significant improvements in payments convenience, value and inclusivity. 


Moderator: Jeremy Bornstein, Chief Revenue Officer, Peoples Group 


  • Bryant Mogin, Director, Head of Financial Partnerships, Airwallex 

  • Sarah Clark, CEO of Gifting and Incentives, EML

  • Saud Aziz, CEO, Vault

2:45-3:05 PM |  Innovation Lounge, sponsored by Giesecke + Devrient & Break 

3:10-3:50 PM | Click, swipe, repeat: Blurring the Lines Between Banking, Retailing and the Optimized Customer Journey 

How you define the customer journey is shifting rapidly as what it means to bank, shop and pay evolves. As payments get embedded deeper into the customer shopping experience, removing friction along the way, this is impacting how brands interact with consumers and gain their loyalty. In this session, panelists explore the intersection of payments, incentives and retail tech, and what it means for the customer journey.

Moderator: Ed Woodson, Chief Legal Officer, Onbe


  • Anusha Ramanujam, Global Head of Payment Partnerships & Product Enablement, Square 

  • Patrick Chan, General Manager, Sezzle 

  • Manuel Catedral, VP Business Development, Collinson


3:50-4:30 PM | Small Business Fintech: Bringing the Best of Consumer Experiences to SMB Banking

As the lifeblood of the economy, small businesses contribute roughly 51% to Canada’s GDP. They also account for 60-80% of all jobs created in Canada. This panel features a discussion with Canadian fintechs in the SMB space about serving the underserved in a market that’s primarily banked, and how they are bringing consumer experiences to SMB banking.  What can be done to prioritize this market and continue meeting small business' needs? This panel unpacks this ever-important topic.


  • Chris Ferron, Head of Digital Partnerships & Fintech, Visa Canada

  • Ivy Luu, Head of Payments, Notch 

  • Cato Pastoll, CEO & Co-founder, Loop Financial

  • Daniela Chiasson, VP of Business Development, Peoples Group

4:30-5:30 | Networking Reception 


2024 Sponsors

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Media and Event Partnerships

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